Our Story

The history of Cantine De Palma dates back to the 1940’s, when the De Palma family took advantage of the rich, volcanic soils of Campania and all it has to offer.

Influenced by the volcanic material of Vesuvius, the Campania region grows distinct and intriguing grapes, producing some if highest quality wines in Italy.


De Palma have always produced refined and exceptional wines and in 1973, the company became established..


In the heart of Irpinia, along the valley of the Sabbath, between the towns of Pratola Serra, Prata, Tuff, the De Palma family cultivates their vineyards in Fiano, Greek, Aglianico and Coda di Volpe.

The mild Mediterranean climate combined with the volcanic origins of the soil  make this area particularly suitable for growing grapes with lots of character. Practiced over 2000 years ago, traditional techniques have been handed down from generation to generation and improved over time through knowledge and technological achievements.


With the same love and passion our Roman ancestors had, we are able to produce the highest quality of wines with distinct Ancient influences.

the winery

The winery is simple and hospitable; open to the public to tour and purchase direct. Infact, locals residents come and fill up their 4 litre plastic bottles full of wine straight from the tanks!

Most of our wines are put to fermentation and maturation in stainless steel tanks;with the exception for Taurasi and Taurasini that are put to age in oak barrels and barriques.
De Palma adopt ancient techniques as much as they can to produce their wines in a truly authentic way. The cellar follows a traditional workmanship and tries to use as little machinery as possible. They tend to rely on the wisdom and  expert hands of man which in turn ensures a wine more natural and genuine.

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