Until the 15th century, it was referred to as ‘Ellenico’ – the local term for ‘Greek’

Aglianico is believed to have been one of, if not the, principal grape variety in the roman world’s most expensive and celebrated wine; Falernian.In fact, Roman author Pliny the Elder described the wines made from Aglianico as among the greatest in antiquity.

In present day, the regions of Campania and Basilicata are home to the Aglianico variety and its most famous wines. Aglianico has also been positioned in the top 3 grape varieties of Italy. The DOCG designated production zones are in and around Taurasi. The soils here contain layers of limestone, sand and clay from decomposed volcanoes.

Aglianico wines possess powerful tannins and high acidity which offers exceptional ageing potential. Classed as one of Italy’s hidden gems, Aglianico represents Italy’s finest and most historically rich red wines.

Cantine De Palma takes full advantage of the ancient grape and all it has to offer. Starting with the youngest possible vintage of Aglianico, to theDOCG world famous Taurasi.

Greco Di Tufo

“The white jewel of the Campania region”

This ancient grape variety dates back 2000 years ago, when the ancient Greeks colonised southern Italy and planted vines.

Tufo is the small town in Avellino, Campania which is derived from the word ‘tuff’- the soft volcanic rock that makes up the soil in the region. The soil is said to have a particular impact on the flavour of the wine.

Greco Di Tufo is arguable Campania’s – and Southern Italy’s- most distinguished white wines; highly praised for its intense aromas, fruity flavours and acidic backbone.

The Greco variety is a highly appreciated grape in the De Palma winery. We are able to cultivate and form the grape into its most delicious potential.

Falanghina Del Sannio


Alongside the Aglianico variety, the Falanghina grape is believed to be another principal component of the primitive Falerno – the most valued, treasured and praised wine in Ancient Rome.

The Sannio DOC region boasts a strong wine tradition that stretches back millennia. Falanghina grows on the hilly, high altitude vineyards in Sannio which contributes to the structure and acidity of the final wine.

Falanghina Del Sannio has recently been enjoying a revival thanks to a combination of improved viticulture techniques and a resurgent interest in traditional grapes. Cantine De Palma work extensively in support of this revival sticking firmly to traditions that make these wines so uniquely fantastic. Due to this, De Palma have become a recognised pioneer of this ancient and traditional
grape variety.

Fiano Di Avellino

“An order for three, ‘salme’ (measure) of Fiano is entered in the Register of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II.”

The Fiano variety grows primarily in Campania and Sicily. Like our other grapes, Fiano is deeply rooted into Campania’s history and culture.

Fiano Di Avellino takes its name from the variety Latin’s called Vitis Apiana. This meant that the grapes were so sweet they were irresistible to the bee’s. Fiano is also believed to be the grape used in the production of Apianum – a popular wine that was celebrated by Ancient Romans.

Although the Fiano variety has spread to other areas of Italy and even Australia, the most prized Fiano wines come from the vines in the hills
around the city of Avellino. The grape thrives in the mineral rich, volcanic soils. Avellino received its DOCG status in 2003 and is regarded as the best
embodiment of the variety.

Fiano wines are meant to be drank young, generally within 2 to 5 years of vintage. De Palma ensure the best quality Fiano is produced true to its traditional heritage.

Focus on: Falanghina Frizzante

Keeping all the crucial characteristics of the prized Falanghina, this frizzante is the ideal aperitif and party drink.

The Newest addition to our Campania Collection is the deliciously refreshing Falanghina Frizzante. The Sparkling Falanghina has a distinctive and unique upper-hand to its market competitors; its ancient grape variety.  Keeping all the crucial characteristics of the prized Falanghina, this frizzante is the ideal aperitif and party drink.

The powerful soils in which the Falanghina grape is grown makes this sparkling wine aromatic, beautifully balanced and flavourful. Falanghina is known to have great acidity and minerality which are good indicators of high quality sparkling wine production.

Whilst creating the sparkling Falanghina, we had to ensure all the finest qualities of the grape variety were still prominent in the taste. This takes care, determination and attention to detail. Without the Falanghina’s distinct qualities, the frizzante would blend into the vast world of ‘sparkling wines’ and not get its chance to shine.

The soft, smooth fizz creates an explosion of citrus and tropical flavours of the Falanghina in one sip. Perfectly balanced acidity, salinity and body. A lively and  persistent froth compliments the fresh, crisp taste of the Falanghina. The Ideal glass of wine for those warm summer days.

Can be accompanied with the likes of fruit liquers and spirits, however our favourite mix is with our very own Amaro Di Fiano! Try for yourself and let us know your fizz cocktail!

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