The history of cantine de palma dates back to the 1940’s when the De Palma family took advantage of the rich volcanic soils of Campania and all it has to offer.


In 1973 the company became established by the sale of Bulk Wine by Vittorio De Palma.


The company was passed onto the son of founder Vittorio, Maurizio De Palma.


Cantine De Palma started to expand into other parts of Europe including Germany and Austria.


De Palma began their journey into the UK through Alessandra De Palma, the Great granddaughter of one of the founding brothers Carmine De Palma.


We bring you the hidden tastes of Italia

Influenced by the ancient history that is deeply rooted in Campania, the region grows distinct and intriguing grapes, producing some of the highest quality wines in Italy.

De Palma have always produced refined and exceptional wines for the locals of Campania and in 1973, the company became established.

Since then, the company has been handed down from father to son and has expanded throughout Italy and part of Europe.

The winery follows traditional workmanship and relies as little as possible on machinery. We believe the wisdom and expertise of man ensures a more natural and authentic fine wine.

For the De Palma family; passion, determination and tenacity is the key to celebrating the pleasure of wine and creating an excellence designed to last.

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