Amaro Di Fiano


Bitter sweet in the mouth with a surprisingly smooth and cool finish. Made from the Fiano grape, our Amaro boasts a prominent burnt orange flavour with a hint of Amaretto and bitter liquors.

Amaro Di Fiano is a liquor which can be drank in many ways suiting your mood.

Weight 1 kg



700 ml

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Best served Ice cold and traditionally served in Campania after a meal to help the digestive system.

  • Mixed with our Falanghina Frizzante and a slice of peach.
  • Served in a tumbler over ice and slice of orange.
  • Mixed with tonic water and a wedge of orange or lemon.
  • Mixed with Coca Cola with a slice of orange.
  • Mixed with fresh orange juice and soda water.
  • With crushed ice, vodka and an orange soda.

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